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24 Hour Toronto Coin Laundromat Services- Visit us for a life-time experience

24 hour coin laundromat location in Toronto area. We are located in Toronto. We are committed to offering 24 hours cleaning services to our customers, and we open even during the public holidays. Our facilities are located in a strategic position, making it easier for the customers to access the services. Our facilities are well lit, very clean and equipped with a line of washing machines, which are in good working condition. Our machines are coin operated, and we offer quality services at unbeatable prices.

Our services

At our facilities, everything is self-service, and you do it at your convenience. Our machines are coin operated, and you are required to insert an appropriate amount of cash to make the machine run. The machines are of different sizes to accommodate all your needs. This makes it convenient for customers, and you can comfortably wash your clothing, whether is a light load of undergarments or bulky clothes. Our washing area has observed the standard level of hygiene, to ensure your clothing are sparkling clean and germs free. Our laundromat is very convenient, and we have change machines, ATMs, and detergent dispensing machines. The detergents available are Snuggle, Downy, Bounce, Clorox, Oxiclean, sunlight, rain, and tide. We cater for our customer needs, and we have had a spacious folding place and free parking.

Our facilities are operated throughout the day and night, and you can bring your clothing anytime. The facility is under 24 hour's surveillance, for the safety of our customers. The facility is a very comfortable place with many amenities to make you busy and pass the time as you wait for your clothes to clean. There are a TV, pop, coffee and snack machines.

Why Choose Us?

We use the best laundry machines in the market. We offer fast laundry services which are 100% guaranteed to meet all your expectations. Our services are run throughout, making it convenient to attend to your urgent needs. We care about customer satisfaction, and our machines come in different sizes to help cater for all your needs. Washing your clothes from our laundry will make your clothes very clean, and you will always feel like coming back again. Toronto laundromat is one of the best laundries in the town, and it offers full-time quality services. Get your clothes washed at your convenience from any one of our facility.